In my work, I recycle my experiences and emotions with a pinch of positive mindset that comes with the joys of everyday life. The starting point for my pictures comes from things close to me, either from my physical surroundings or from some personal spiritual moment. Sometimes my subjects live in my mind, from which my memory seeks them; as small moments which are happening or have happened. My memory seeks the familiar and the safe.


Freedom, small daily routines, health, home, work and those close to me are the most important and beautiful things in life. Sometimes I walk out the door and I look inside the windows of those that I pass by; how do they live their daily lives. I want to see behind the facade. What people think as important very often is nothing but surface. Under it, the fabulous details make up the reality. Thus, I am interested, in addition to the self-centeredness of my youth, in the unripened and fragmentary stories. In these, the “others” become more intimate, people whom I can understand and with whom I am able to identify.


My expression is figurative, without closing off less representative forms. Recently, I have painted the main subjects in aquarelles and oil colours, as well as a combination of these. In my paintings I am often also interested in researching the structure of the materials and paintings.

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